24/7 Jumpstart Service - Allentown Tow Truck
24/7 Jumpstart Service - Allentown Tow Truck

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When you discover that your car’s battery has run out of juice can put a stop to your entire day. And when you feel unsafe in dark parking lots or busy streets, you need a reliable jumpstarting service right away.
Unfortunately, you don’t always know who to turn to for help, and some companies charge a premium for your call. The best way to save on more Allentown, PA, roadside assistance options remains to choose us at Allentown Tow Truck.

Giving your vehicle’s battery a boost remains more dangerous than it may look, especially on TV or in the movies. Some cars, such as hybrids and electric models, may even burst into flames when you don’t use jumper cables correctly.
Rather than using the same cheap cables and connectors you can buy at discount stores, we use professional charging tools. When your car needs jumpstarting, and you don’t know what to do, call our technicians for your best solutions today.

24/7 Jumpstart Service - Allentown Tow Truck

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Most car batteries can last for several years without needing a replacement, but some factors wear them out more quickly. Intense summer sun and heat, winter ice and snow, and other hazards can cause your battery to lose its charge.
And while many drivers carry jumper cables with them, you can’t tell if they know how to use them correctly. When you need affordable service and safer car battery jumpstarting, you need the experienced technicians at Allentown Tow Truck today.