Roadside Assistance Allentown

Roadside assistance allentown

roadside assistance Allentown

Even a very well-maintained vehicle can act up all of a sudden and if yours does in the middle of a remote road, you will need to have a number you can always call for Allentown PA roadside assistance services that you need and for overall rescue.

Car problems can be as major as a busted engine, a dead battery, or as minor as a flat tire, or getting accidentally locked out. But with the other perils that may be present in the road situation, time is of the essence. Thus, it pays to know an Allentown towing and roadside assistance company that can immediately come to your rescue. That’s us at Allentown Tow Truck.

“My engine is no longer starting.”

A seemingly busted engine or a dead battery can be an outcome of numerous causes including the following:

Roadside Assistance Allentown

The Leading Jumpstart Service in Allentown

Here at Allentown Tow Truck, we are a team of highly trained professionals who are all seasoned after years of helping customers on the road time and time again. Thousands of customers who needed roadside rescue in and around Allentown, Pennsylvania have dialed our hotlines for help and got the rescue that they needed in no time. “Towing is slow”, is not in our vocabulary

Knowing how potentially perilous your situation could be in, our goal is to keep you safe and your vehicle fixed and intact. Got a dead battery? Our team of professionals will immediately be dispatched to your location to perform a safe and secure car battery jumpstart service. All it takes is a phone call.

More and more vehicle owners in Allentown are trusting us for a worry-free roadside recovery experience. Give us a call and see for yourself how they made the right decision!

Roadside Assistance Allentown

Prompt Roadside Assistance Should Be Your Standard

Every road situation requires an urgent response. It is called an emergency for a reason; thus even if the problem is as petty as damaged tires, or as advanced as engine failure and drained battery, no vehicle owners should have to wait for hours for a road rescue.

A reliable roadside assistance and tow company in Allentown, PA is just a call away. Here, our courteous professionals carry out our roadside assistance services with premium quality and affordability.

Our Allentown Lockout Service

Getting locked out seems like a harmless situation that may be handled without urgency but if it happened in a place you are unfamiliar with, that is what makes it dangerous. Even if it is a lockout service you need, our call support team will make sure you get the fastest response you deserve. We know how unsafe your situation could be. A reliable team will be there in minutes.

1. Alternator Issues

Just because your engine is not responding, it does not automatically mean that the culprit is your battery. It could also be due to your faulty alternator. That is why it pays to not miss any vehicle preventive maintenance session to avoid this problem.

2. Headlights

There are a number of things that can contribute to a significant drain in your car’s battery and one of these is by merely leaving your headlights on for a long time. If left on overnight, this will actually be enough to weaken your battery and make it insufficient to power up your engine.
A battery jumpstart is easily and a lot safer done at home but if your battery runs out while you are in a remote, unfamiliar area, it’s a different story. That is where remembering our emergency hotline comes in handy. Dial our hotline right away for your much needed roadside assistance rescue. You shouldn’t feel helpless on the road.

3. Temperature

Summer is just months away in Pennsylvania and the scorching heat can be more than enough to affect the power of your battery. In the same manner, winter is still days from over and the extremely cold temperature can make it hard for your engine and car battery to cope up.

Give us a call; we’d want to put you away from such a stressful and risky situation. 

Reliable Towing and Roadside Assistance in Allentown

Save our digits today and get that peace of mind knowing you will no longer be left alone and helpless on the road in case a car problem arises. Whether it is a tire change service you need, or a long distance tow, our services are guaranteed fast, reliable, and of premium quality.

·      Roadside Assistance Services | Tire Replacement, Mobile Gas Delivery, Car Battery Jumpstart, Allentown Lockout Service, etc.

·      Towing | Flatbed, Long-distance, etc.

Here at Allentown Tow Truck, we are equipped with several tow trucks in our fleet to help you out of your stressful and perilous situation. An immediate rescue is all that you deserve.

Give us a call! Our call support team is ready to take them 24/7. Our dispatch teams are just on standby, 24/7 set to respond.
You can always rely on us here at Allentown Tow Truck!