Towing companies in PA, like Allentown Tow Truck, play a significant role in ensuring that every vehicle and its passengers have access to quick and reliable service when road emergencies occur. There are various types of tow services, each serving its own purpose.  Drivers are advised to familiarize themselves with the different types to make sure they are using the right type should the need arise. 

Types of Tow Trucks at Allentown Tow Truck
In Allentown Tow Truck, we cater to light-duty and medium-duty towing needs in and around Allentown, Pennsylvania using our hook and chain and flatbed tow trucks. When you give us a call, our expert front-liners will assess your situation through a quick interview, and the most appropriate tow truck will be dispatched to your location. 
Know the difference. Below are the tow trucks Allentown Tow Truck uses and what they are best for:

1.     Flatbed Tow Truck
The majority of road emergencies that require vehicle towing in Allentown, PA are serviced with a flatbed tow truck. As the name implies, a flatbed tow truck’s body has a long, spacious bed, with a flat surface on top designed to carry light-weight to medium-weight vehicles. Allentown Tow Truck often recommends flatbed towing as the vehicle just needs to be driven or pushed up the ramp onto the flatbed. Flatbed tow trucks can easily manage motorcycles, sedans, and SUVs.
Some flatbed tow trucks flatbed tow trucks are larger than usual and are meant to carry more than one vehicle or one large truck at a time.

2.     Hook and Chain Tow Truck
A hook and chain tow truck can typically perform vehicle towing of all kinds. A per its name, this method makes use of a hook and chain to load the vehicle. Unless your vehicle is wrecked and barely movable, Allentown Tow Truck does not recommend the use of hook and chain tow truck for cheap towing, as it puts too much pressure on it, thereby increasing the likelihood of further vehicle damage.

Here at Allentown Tow Truck, road safety is our top priority. Our seasoned and knowledgeable team is committed to providing reliable, premium quality road assistance and towing services in and around Allentown, Pennsylvania. 

As much as Allentown Tow Truck aims to take care of all towing needs in and around the area, the company as of the moment is still in the process of acquiring all tools and equipment needed to securely tow large vehicles like buses, fire engines, and trailers.
We are a trusted Allentown, PA company for a reason. Book an appointment with us today and hire our safe, secure, and expert tow service!