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While driving home on the I-78, your check engine light kicked on, and you hoped you could reach somewhere safe. However, you wound up inches away from the interstate, and now you need emergency towing for help preventing an accident.
Unfortunately, not all towing services throughout the Allentown, PA area provide emergency service calls, keeping you in harm’s way now. Instead of wasting time with local companies who can’t offer immediate service, you can rely on Allentown Tow Truck drivers.

We remain on call 24-hours of every day, and we offer emergency towing solutions as well when you feel unsafe. Whether it’s the middle of the afternoon, evening, or early morning hours, you can still choose us for your needs.

No matter the reason for your call, you can depend on our local towing drivers to deliver your best solutions. Contact us immediately when you remain in a dangerous area and can’t wait another moment for help to arrive now.

Allentown emergency towing company

Some roads make it nearly impossible to pull over into enough safe space during a mechanical breakdown or traffic accident. When trees grow directly along the asphalt, or it curves sharply, it restricts your shoulder use.
And when other vehicles continue traveling at 50 MPH or faster, it makes it harder for them to brake. When even a small portion of vehicles happen to stick into the road, anyone could clip it.
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24 Hour Emergency Towing | Allentown Tow Truck