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Some companies that haul vehicles use specific types of trucks, while others rely on the same kind for every call. And while you can find many different types of professional vehicles, the flatbed towing truck remains the most versatile choice.
These machines use hydraulic lifts to hoist any size of car, truck, motorcycle, and more, safely to the vehicle bed. There, it can get anchored down with straps, hooks, and other equipment to ensure it doesn’t move while in transport.

When you need a Allentown, PA flatbed towing service provider, you need us at Allentown Tow Truck for better solutions. We offer fast, affordable, and trustworthy hauling for any category or size of vehicles that you operate at lower costs.

From heavier construction equipment to smaller consumer vehicles, and more items, we can assist you with reliable service options now. Contact us for your flatbed towing expert and save more on a higher quality of care for your cars today.

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Traditionally, towing companies could use hook and chain trucks, or even those infamously used by repossession services. And while these styles of vehicles certainly have their place, they don’t always work in every situation. Flatbed trucks, on the other hand, make it simple to secure more cars, trucks, and vans than most other methods. In a matter of moments, even the largest passenger vehicle gently slides into place without much effort. Contact us at Allentown Tow Truck today and keep your cars safer.

Flatbed Tow Truck | Allentown Tow Truck