Small & Medium duty towing

Small & Medium Duty Towing | Allentown Tow Truck
Small & Medium Duty Towing | Allentown Tow Truck

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Most consumer vehicles remain less dense than heavy-duty or commercial machines, but that doesn’t mean finding service remains a breeze. Not every company provides small/medium towing in the Allentown, PA community, making your situation even more inconvenient in the end.
Motorcycles, sedans, propane-powered cars, and even some sports vehicles can fall into the smaller weight category, leaving you stranded now. The better solution remains to choose the towing drivers at Allentown Tow Truck for all your small/medium towing needs today.

Our flatbed tow technicians can load and transport virtually any car you drive, including smaller vehicles, two-wheelers, and many more. From helping you get it off the sales lot and into your garage, or with breakdowns, call us for service.

Simply because you operate a lower weight class than other machines on the road doesn’t mean you can’t receive help. Contact us whenever you have problems with your smaller categories of vehicles day or night, and we guarantee better solutions.

Best Allentown PA Small/Medium Towing Service

Motorcycles can appear relatively lightweight when you see them cruising down the highway at 60 MPH or even faster. However, many manufacturers create shockingly dense, bulky bikes that need two people to lift after it falls over or stalls.
No matter the reason for your call, our team can assist you with your disabled vehicles regardless of their weight. Choose us at Allentown Tow Truck for your most dependable towing services for more types of cars, trucks, and more.

Small & Medium Duty Towing | Allentown Tow Truck