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Roadside Tire Change Service | Tow Service Allentown, PA
Roadside Tire Change Service | Tow Service Allentown, PA

tire change service allentown pa

Most people get instructed by a parent in high school on the proper way to change out a flat tire. However, when you go years without having to do it again, a flat requires a tire change by a professional.
Construction nails, potholes, and even incorrect air pressure can all lead to vehicle tires bursting while out on the road. And you can’t always find a safe place to pull over and get to work, making your situation more dangerous.

No matter what the cause for your flat, you can rely on us at Allentown Tow Truck for help now. We provide 24-hour roadside assistance solutions, including tire change service, throughout the Allentown, PA, community to keep more drivers safe.
When you don’t know how you can make it home without a spare tire in your trunk, we can help. Contact us day or night when you have a flat or blowout, and we will arrive sooner than anyone else.

Roadside Tire Change Service | Tow Service Allentown, PA

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Swapping out a flat or ruptured car tire can prove challenging, even when you attempt it in your home’s driveway. And when you remain on the shoulder of I-78 without a vehicle jack and other tools, it can feel impossible.
Whether you have never changed out a flat tire before or you have managed it dozens of times, call us. We at Tow Truck Maplewood can help get you home faster than before with experienced service technicians available 24-hours daily.